Every one has been so nice and reviewing Super Gigadroid, it’s really crazy! I decided to see how my google search ranking was doing and then POOF, the entire first page is filled. It’s wild!

I had some people hit me on twitter and do some reviews, I thought it would be really cool to re-link them from here. I have no idea where Super Gigadroid ends up going. I’ve got some app installs so far, which is really crazy. So I’m just going to keep doing this thing here and see where we go!




It’s a bit of an older review, and I’ll admit the launch was a little rougher than I wanted, but it’s my first game. The fact anyone is talking about it all makes me feel ecstatic!




Again an old review, but still really cool to see people talking about Super Gigadroid.




Doesn’t look like much more than a simple review. Why not be the first to review Super Gigadroid? 🙂




Now that’s what I’m talking about! This is a great article, super honored that anyone would put that much time in to reviewing it. Check it out.



This one is also really well done, really stoked that people are writing about Super Gigadroid here. How incredible is that eh?